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2* for Brut, citation for sweet 2015 Batailleries

La Revue du Vin de France

Février 2017


Guide Hachette 2017

Sweet 2014


Bettane & Desseauve 2016



Sparkling brut   Note : 14,0

Our 2015 winners 

Guide Hachette 2015

One star for  the sparkling Vouvray.

Our 2014 winners 

Guide Hachette 2014

One star for  the sparkling Vouvray medium dry, citation for the 2011 sweet.

Our 2013 winners 

Guide Hachette 2013

Citation for the sparkling Vouvray brut.

Our 2012 winners 

Guide Hachette 2012



One star for  the sparkling Vouvray brut, citation for the 2009 dry.


Our 2011 winners 

Guide Hachette 2011


Citation for the sparkling Vouvray brut.

Our 2010 winners

Guide Hachette 2010


One star for the semi-dry Vouvray, 2007, citation for the 2007 dry and sparkling Vouvray brut.

Our 2009 winners

Guide Hachette 2009


Two stars for the sparkling Vouvray brut citation for the 2006 dry and medium dry 2006.
Our 2008 winners

Guide Hachette 2008


One star for the Vouvray Demi-sec 2005, citation for the sweet 2005 and medium dry sparkling wine.

Our 2007 winners

Guide Hachette 2007   



citation in brut and medium dry 2004.

Our 2006 winners

Presence, as each year in the Hachette wine guide...

Guide Hachette 2006 


citation in sparkling brut and sweet 2003.